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    Meet the magazine!

    This is Somersault: a one-shot, Tumblr-based magazine of nonfiction work on the mixture of art/politics and pop culture. And we are the editors: Torie Rose DeGhettEvan Fleischer and Tahlia Hein. We’ll be announcing our call for submissions soon, in which we’ll tell you where to send your brilliant prose on everything from the politics of underground punk or late night comedy, to the importance of graffiti or sci-fi television. Our mission is to turn things on their heads (or end over end over end — hence the name). The magazine will be in two final forms: some version of rolling publication will occur here on our Tumblr, in a manner to be determined by the types of submissions we receive, and there will be a lovely, free .pdf magazine published to Issuu

    While you wait for the official Call for Submissions, and are dreaming up the pieces you plan on sending us, follow us here on Tumblr and on Twitter and be sure to retweet, reblog and share. Tell your writerly friends about us. Spread the word.

    If you need to get in touch with us by email, we’re somersaultmag@gmail.com. And, of course, our ask box is always open.

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