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    Guidelines for Writers

    In the interest of doing something just a little bit different, Somersault’s Issue 2 will be a music issue. In our minds, there’s a story out there to be told about music, whether it’s in the story of a busker playing on the street corner of a particular city, how an indie band deals with a song of theirs going to a commercial, or the origins of an underground rap scene somewhere. This issue is a portrait of a band. We’re giving away the surprise, but we want to make sure you guys get it: send us non-fiction pieces on music. We’ll take bits and pieces from each piece we publish in the issue and render a portrait of a band based on those submissions. Think of it like a slow-burning party trick. 

    We’re still all about the cross-section between arts, politics, and pop culture — and that’s there as the foundation — but we wanted to have our next call for submissions be an invitation to profile the ‘band.’ We want articles and critical pieces and great nonfiction of all stripes. You can profile someone or interview them. You can send us personal essays or reportage. Our first issue, where we took on art-meets-politics pieces of any category, is a great first step in seeing what kind of thing we might be interested in having, but we welcome new ways of doing things. We’ll consider it all. What we would ask is that you keep your piece at or under the 6,000 word mark and don’t forget that you will be aiming your pieces toward a general audience.

    Please send all story pitches and manuscript submissions (as well as other magazine-related queries) tosomersaultmag@gmail.com and one of us will be getting back to you in as timely a manner as we can. Please put in the header “Pitch,” “Submission” or “Inquiry,” so we can streamline the process of replying. Attach the file as .doc/.docx instead of copy/pasting it into the body of the email. Send us clips of yours to read if you have them, but we’re more than willing to publish… in fact, scratch that, we want very much to publish new writers. Tell us briefly who you are and what we ought to know about you. If you want to send us something that you have previously posted on your own blog, we’ll be happy to consider it (if it remains timely and has the right voice), but don’t send us something that has been or will be published by another outlet. 

    We would also be interested in seeing artwork that could be published in the magazine.

    The deadline for sending us pitches or unsolicited manuscripts is midnight on March 15th.

    We feel it only fair to inform you that we still cannot compensate you financially (the editors aren’t making any money off of this venture, either). We can offer you publication in our online magazine, all of our gratitude and the good feeling you get when you participate in cool journalism.

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